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Bıçakçılar Kafeterya / Contact Business

The cafeteria and kitchen areas of Bicakcilar, one of the world’s leading names in the production of medical equipment and devices, were designed and implemented by Çağlayan Architects in the last quarter of 2021.


The cafeteria, which is 825 m2 in total and served by Sodexo Entegre, consists of two independent living areas and an industrial kitchen in the center that serves both sitting areas at the same time. In this project, Çağlayan Architects handled the industrial kitchen area from scratch, along with the living areas, and designed them in accordance with today’s standards.


Çağlayan Architects aimed to ensure cultural sustainability by designing a dynamic plan setup with different table types in the cafeteria area, which is the only area where users can socialize and communicate outside of the normal working process. A stronger effect was achieved as a result of the dynamic setup targeted in the planning process<and the use of a different color on the carrier system in the third dimension.


In the space, which has almost no access to natural light, the scenario has been reconstructed, and decorative pendant products are used in addition to the general fixtures, allowing the project to move away from the standard cafeteria perception and to experience different lighting scenarios for the users.  The wide wall surfaces in the space, which does not open to the .outside, were evaluated by Çağlayan Architects, and the design of the space was enriched by the use of acousticwood/colored panels and nature visuals, and the effect of the lack of outward opening was eliminated. The project’s emphasis on nature has been strengthened with the preference of using plants both integrated with the tables and independently, and it is aimed to create a design that users enjoy spending time in. the economic sustainability criteria were also considered by Çağlayan Architects as the indispensable standards of the project during the design process. Material/product selections were made accordingly, and durable materials suitable for intensive use, allowing recycling or reuse were preferred. In the industrial kitchen area, correct energy use engineering calculations were made and necessary measures were taken for sustainability in the long term. After a short design and implementation process, the Bıçakçılar Cafeteria area, which was a place where users could not connect and feel a sense of belonging before, was brought to a brand new and sustainable identity with the design of Çağlayan Architects, where users can spend time with pleasure, socialize with each other easily, find peace.