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Caglayan Architects, which receives many awards with its high-quality projects, was selected among the top 10 finalists in the “Live The Box” Containers Sustainable Mass Housing Architectural Ideas Competition held in New Jersey, USA in 2009, among 450 architectural offices worldwide. The company was specially invited by the American Society of Architects (AIA) to present the project. Within the scope of the “European Property Awards” in 2015, the company came first and second in the country with its “Armoni Restaurant and Mocca Cafe” projects.The Armoni Restaurant project, which was the first nationwide, was awarded the best restaurant award in 2015 among all the projects in the European continent. Çağlayan Architects makes a difference in the sector with its detailed and creative project approach, participatory project design process, accurate and sustainable architectural solutions. The company, which has become an office with a high brand value both at home and abroad with its professional and experienced architectural team, aims to increase its value with new projects. We talked with Umut Çağlayan, founderof Çağlayan Architect, about his company’s projects, successes and solutions to problems.

What kind of innovations do you make in your designs and projects under extraordinary conditions? Accordingly, what kind of changes do you make, especially during the pandemic period?

The pandemic period has added a different perspective on design to our projects. While designing areas such as offices, restaurants and cafeterias, we also considered social distance. We planned the number of seats in two configurations according to full capacity and pandemic capacity. We always paid attention to issues such as ventilation and air conditioning, but we kept it more in the forefront during the pandemic period. In addition, we took care to choose ‘easy to clean’ materials. We separated work areas and separators in areas such as offices and emphasized how important social distance is. We take care to plan all such solutions in a sustainable way, even after the pandemic.

What can you say about complying with international standards?

We have to comply with international standards in order to keep up with the times, institutionalize and provide quality services. If we comply with these standards, we can make ourselves accepted in the foreign market. These standards bring quality and trust.

Could you please tell us about your competitive power at home and abroad?

Generally, we design and project the social areas and offices of the leading corporate companies of the country. We are aware that one of the basic conditions of our profession is customer satisfaction. For this reason, we keep the quality of the spaces and structures we design at the highest level to ensure customer satisfaction. We accept investment as a criterion of design by increasing the level of innovation. That’s why we are at a different point in the industry.

What are the factors that make you different from your competitors?

As Çağlayan Architects, we prioritize the user and strive to do better at every stage. We think about every detail and we do our projects in a planned way. We take care to construct spaces
that make the user feel special. We follow the industry up to date. Thus, we quickly adopt innovations and try to implement these innovations in our projects. From the beginning to the end of the projects, we consider the investment parameter as a criterion of our designs, because we aim for the satisfaction of our customers in every aspect.

What kind of problems do you experience in the sector? Could you tell us about your problems in transportation, raw material supply, production and employment with your solution suggestions?

The supply problem of materials, the short-term holding of the offers of the suppliers and the fluctuations in the exchange rate cause the costs to change in the sector. I can say such issues as problems. That’s why we’re constantly renewing the offers while we’re working on the budget. Of course, there are measures we take in this regard. We try to fulfill orders instantly and quickly and we put a blockage on the stocks in the factory. Therefore, we have to strictly follow the procurement process. After making the selections of the products, we immediately protectthe products and try to deliver them quickly after the contract stage.